DFW Live Oaks

Live Oaks in Texas

DFW Live Oaks
Live Oaks in Texas

They may be Georgia’s state tree, but live oaks also thrive in Northeast Texas. In fact, this graceful, wide-spreading tree is all-but synonymous with the south. Read on to learn more about how to grow and care for these distinctive trees.

A live oak tree can be a magnificent and awe-inspiring sight. That’s because these trees can grow to more than 80 feet tall while their canopy of branches may spread as far as 150 feet and beyond. What’s more, a single one of these trees can live for hundreds of years. This is why home buyers frequently see listings that boast about a property that has a live oak. Who wouldn’t want to live with one of these shade-giving giants?

Growing Conditions For Live Oaks

Of course, these trees need the right conditions to thrive. They grow approximately one to two feet every year in the early stages of life, and they like to have a decent amount of direct sunlight. A minimum of four hours a day is recommended. When it comes to soil, this tree is not picky. It may thrive in soil that is like clay or closer to sand. Acidic and alkaline conditions do not seem to bother it. These trees like to have regular moisture, but many of them can survive drought conditions or even floods.

The live oak adds most of its size in its early years. Even at this point, it is excellent at withstanding the wind. At around 20 years of age, the tree will begin to produce acorns. These edible nuts are a favorite with many birds and local wildlife, so the presence of a mature tree may attract woodland creatures. Acorns are produced from September to December.

These great trees get their name from their ability to remain green throughout the winter months. If you are looking for year-round foliage, then this species may be the right choice for you. Additionally, this tree is widely seen as a symbol of strength and longevity. Planting one is an excellent way to commemorate a special occasion.

Because of the size of these trees, it is advisable to choose a planting location with care. Keep in mind that the root system will be large, like the spreading of the branches overhead. For this reason, it makes sense to plant a live oak tree a good distance from any existing or planned structures.

These gracious, shade-giving trees can become a focal point in any outdoor space. With careful planting, little care is required for live oaks to thrive for centuries.

Fertilization Recommendations

Live oak trees should be fertilized regularly.  A balanced fertilizer of the major nutrients along with micronutrients would be ideal. A superior way to do this would be root level injections of fertilizer that can give them the nutrients they need for a growing season.  For more about root level fertilization (also known as Deep Root Feeding), check out this article about Deep Root Feeding at Green Top Lawn Care.com